Luggage is a graphic novel, written and illustrated by Sandra Wong Orloff. 

The end of summer in 1982, Nina is just 18 when she meets John on the streets of Hollywood. They fall into a relationship based on a shared love of drugs and mutual directionlessness, eventually traveling together to England, John’s home country and the place he escaped from years earlier. With no plans, limited by lack of funds and living on the dole, Nina finds a life with John without really knowing how she got there, but with no real reason to get out.  

Luggage tells a story of wanting to live on the edge of society, romantic ideas of escape, the pull of a relationship with a much older man. Drug abuse, mental illness and emotional breakdown. Luggage is about a young woman with very little self awareness and just enough self preservation to make it out alive. 

On view: An early chapter from Luggage

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